I3RES meeting going on in Tallinn (Estonia)

Today and yesterday the European project I3RES is holding one of its periodical meetings, every 6 months; on this occasion the meeting is held in Tallinn, Estonia, hosted by the local partner of the project, the company Skeleton Technologies, producers of supercapacitors and energy storage systems.  A large part of the discussion was devoted to decide how to validate the work performed in the past 2 and a half years and going to be completed in the next six months.  We have two demonstration sites at our disposal:  one at Tecnalia, a Spanish research institution located in the Basque country which has a smart grid emulator, and one at “Demo Steinkjer”, a living testbed in the Norwegian town of Steinkjer, managed by the utility NTE and comprising 700 households and some commercial customers totaling 21GWh/y.  The research group at UniSannio, lead by me, is particularly interested in testing at Steinkjer the Optimal Power Flow algorithms we developed.  We agreed with NTE the general framework of the tests aimed at demonstrating how it is possible to estimate the state of the network while it is working and how to reduce the losses in the network with suitable semi-automatic control actions.  The test will be held in September.

In the picture the group attending the meeting at Tallin. From left to right:  myself, Iraide Unanue (Tecnalia, Spain), Pedro Castillejo (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Mari Kiisel (Skeleton Technologies, Estonia), Therese Engan (NTE, Norway), Hardi Hoimoja and Mati Arulepp (Skeleton Technologies), Fredrik Haugli (SINTEF, Norway), Eilert Bjerkan (NTE), Geir Mathisen (SINTEF) and Pedro Salazar (Inabensa, Spain), technical manager of the project.


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