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Control of Energy Systems

[09-05-2017]   Today the course on "Control of Energy Systems"
for master and PhD students in Mechatronics Engineering at Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz, Austria, started.
I'm helped in the teaching by:
Dr. Seshadhri (aka Seshu) has been working with me on these topics for almost two years, providing great support in the development of my research group's work on two European projects.  He's currently employed at BEARS, the University of Berkeley subsidiary in Singapore, and maintains a research group at Kalasalingam University in India, working on energy systems, building automation and electric vehicles.  Dr. Seshu has developed many of the exercises and problems we will see during the course.
Mr Ali Forootani, from Iran, has a master in Electrical Engineering, and is now in the second year of a PhD course under my supervision working on applications of Dynamic Programming in resource allocation.  We will work together, in the classroom, in the development of problems and in the coding of their solutions.
Today May 16, I shot a picture of my students here at Linz.  Backbenchers:  Bo Zhou, Gerald Lechner, Florian Meier, Ali Forootani; frontbenchers: Harald Gschwandtnir, Markus Deinhofer, Jinwei Zhou